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Intergraph Smart Materials MobileScan Installation (5.1)

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Installation & Upgrade
Smart Materials Mobile Scan Version

This section describes the installation steps for Smart Materials MobileScan App on a mobile device.

Before you install MobileScan app on a mobile device, you must uninstall the existing MobileScan app.

  1. Copy the mobilescan51.apk file to a local temporary folder on your computer.

  2. Connect the mobile device with your computer.

  3. Open the mobile device in File Explorer on your computer and navigate to Download folder.

  4. Copy the mobilescan51.apk file to the Download folder.

    You can copy the mobilescan51.apk file to any of the folder of your choice.

  5. On your mobile device, tap Apps > My Files > Device storage > Download to navigate to the Download folder.

    Mobile Scan APK on Mobile 5.1

  6. Tap on the apk file name and then tap INSTALL to install the MobileScan app on your mobile device.

    Install MobileScan App on Mobile Device-4.5

  7. Tap OPEN to launch the app.

    Install MobileScan App on Mobile Device 4.5

  8. On the Sign in screen, tap the highlighted area at the bottom of the screen.

    Mobile Scan - Sign In Page 5.1

  9. Type the following API URL for your environment.


    Replace <servername> with the MobileScan server name.

    Alternatively, you can also scan a QR code for API URL. You must download the API URL QR code from Barcode Manager and use the device camera to scan the QR code.

    Sign In - Save API URL 5.1

  10. Click Save Api URL.

    • When running the application from an Android or iOS device, the API URL needs to be set just once. You can connect to a different database by changing the API URL.

    • When the mobile does not have an internet connection or the MobileScan application is unable to connect to the RestAPI server, the Sync screen displays an error message - Unable to connect to Internet/Server.

      SignIn - Internet/Server Unreachable - 5.1