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Mobilescan now also supports Open ID Authentication. If you use an external authorization server for user authentication which follows oauth2.0 with OpenID Connect Protocol, then you must provide the following details in Smart MobileScan Config tool:

  • Open ID works in SSL mode only.

  • Ensure the user has permissions to the client application i.e. MobileScan app in the authorization server.

Ensure that the authorization server provides email ID of the user as part of ID token and access token.

OpenId Mandatory fields

  • Issuer - Provide the issuer URI of the authorization server. You must add the complete URL for the authorization server.

  • Client ID - Provide the client ID that is generated by the authorization server, when you register MobileScan application as a client. Register the client with grant type Authorization Code with PKCE.

  • Redirect URI - Provide the MobileScan application URL as redirect URI. The redirect URI takes the following format:


    The redirect URI, or reply URL is the location where the authorization server redirects the user. User is redirected after the user credentials are successfully verified and the authorization server grants an authorization code.