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Intergraph Smart Materials MobileScan Installation (5.1)

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Installation & Upgrade
Smart Materials Mobile Scan Version

You must configure the MobileScan service before you use MobileScan application for the first time:

  1. Ensure that MobileScanService is running.

  2. You can use one of the following methods to run the MobileScanConfig.exe:

    1. Using Smart MobilesScan Config tool

      1. Navigate to the folder location <MobileScanInstallationFolder>\tools\bin\

      2. Right click MobileScanConfig.exe and then select Run as Administrator.

        Configure MobileScan - 5.0

      3. Type the following information:

        Rest-Api Port - type the port number for HTTP communications from REST API clients to the REST API server.

        Web Port - type the port number that the server expects to receive a response from the Web client.

        DB User and DB Password - type the m_sys user credentials.

        DB Server - type the database server name that hosts the database application for MobileScan.

        DB SID - type the database System ID (SID).

        Do not enter the database tns name.

        Company Name - type the company name.

        In case you have upgraded MobileScan, company name must be same as specified in the previous version.

        Environment Name - type a name for the MobileScan environment for example, Production, Test, Development.

        Modules Folder (read-only) - specifies the MobileScan installation path.

        Issuer - specifies the issuer URI of the authorization server. You must add the complete URL for the authorization server.

        Client ID - specifies the client ID that is generated by the authorization server, when you register MobileScan application as a client. Register the client with grant type Authorization Code with PKCE.

        Redirect URI - specifies the MobileScan application URL as redirect URI. The redirect URI takes the following format:


    2. Using Command Prompt

      1. Navigate to the folder location <MobileScanInstallationFolder>\tools\bin\ using the DOS commands.

      2. Run the MobileScanConfig_cli.exe with the following parameters:

        <MobileScanInstallationFolder>\tools\bin\MobileScanConfig_cli.exe api_port=<Rest API port number> www_port=<Web client port number> db_user=m_sys password=<password> db_server=<Host name of the SMAT DB> db_sid=<DB System ID> companyname="company name" environment="<MobileScan Environment>" modules="<MS Installation>/ThirdParty/modules" openid_issuer="<https://<server_name>.<domain_name>:port>" openid_clientid="<Authorization Code with PKCE>" openid_redirecturi="<https://<hostname>.<domain_name>:port>"

        OpenID parameters openid_issuer, openid_clientid, and openid_redirecturi are optional.

  3. Click Save.

  4. Click Yes to restart the MobileScanService.