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Intergraph Smart Materials uses design and engineering data from authoring tools, such as Smart 3D and PDS, to facilitate integration and re-use of engineering data. The purpose of this section is to provide workflow steps and guidelines for importing design data for use in Smart Materials.

To import design data into Smart Materials, the authoring tools must export design quantities to an ASCII file. This ASCII file contains keywords in the format specified in Open MTO Interface. If there is more than one format of ASCII file, then an interface needs to be configured for each format. Once the interface is configured, data may be imported with various options for revision level, WBS position, and material validation.

There is a simpler method of using the OMI interface as specified in How to Receive Model Information from PDS. However, this simpler method does not offer all the functionality in OMI. To generate the OMI ASCII format file, it will probably require the expertise of programmers skilled in the system involved.

In the example described in this section, we will import data from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and use a macro embedded in Excel to generate the necessary OMI file. This example is not intended to train you to program Microsoft Excel macros.