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The purpose of this section is to describe how the MTO integration between Smart 3D and Smart Materials works. It also describes configuration and customization tasks, which must be done during implementation. The MTO integration development is currently divided into two phases. With this section, only phase 1 is described. With phase 1 (the yellow fields in the diagram below), some temporary manual actions must be undertaken by the user in order to perform the task. Nevertheless, the preconfigured work process can be considered as an effective and easy-to-implement process at new and existing customer installations.

This section refers to the process diagram below in order to explain the work process. Each yellow process box in this diagram is explained in a specific chapter in this section.

The MTO integration implemented with Smart Materials version 2007 SP4 is file-based. The design systems provide their MTO data (processes 32, 43-46) as Excel or CSV files. The files should be located on the network file system at a location that is accessible to the design system and Smart Materials. The reports are delivered with the above-mentioned version as standard reports. Smart Materials provides standard configuration templates for these reports, which allow easy and fast implementation of the process.

Additional reports can easily be created by means of the Smart 3D report engine. Configuring Smart Materials to be able to import those custom reports can also be done easily.