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Administration & Configuration
Smart Materials/Smart Reference Data Version

This section describes the interface between Intergraph Smart Materials and the SAP software system. These interfaces have been specified by Intergraph in the course of workshops and user conventions involving many customers who use both Smart Materials and SAP.

The General Overview section provides a general overview and shows you the general plan for interfaces between Smart Materials and SAP.

The Material Master Transfer section describes the specific details of Material Master transfer (Smart Materials Idents > SAP Materials), and the conditions and assumptions required to make it possible for the two systems to operate side by side.

Because both Smart Materials and SAP are extremely flexible and setups can vary enormously, it is not possible to say what is THE optimum Smart Materials / SAP configuration. What is far more impressive is the interface concept, which allows the individual interfaces to be combined, with each one being configured to allow optimum customization and integration into the particular business case.

All the interfaces available in Smart Materials (for example, PDMS or OMI) that allow you to process company idents are adapted accordingly so that these interfaces are also able to process SAP material numbers (interface ident codes for corresponding SAP interfaces).