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You can assign potential bidders to a planned requisition. When an engineering requisition is created and linked with the planned requisition, these potential bidders are copied when the requisition is released to procurement and the buyer creates an inquiry based on the requisition.

  1. Click the Planning task on the dashboard, or select Planning from the Tasks list. Select a planning item in the tree.

    The planning item details appear on the right panel.

  2. Click Planning to display the Planning section.

  3. Select the Potential Bidders tab.

  4. Click Add Potential Bidder Com_Add ICON.

  5. To select bidders based on assigned material or service, do the following:

    If project default ZP_PROJSUP is set to Y, only project suppliers are available, else all suppliers.

    • Optionally, filter Material or Service to get a list of suppliers who provide a specifc material or service.

    • Optionally, filter Approved to show only approved suppliers.

    • Select the bidder(s) you want to add and click Add.

  6. To ignore materials and services, do the following:

    • Select Ignore Material or Service.

    • To calculate and display the Annual Purchase for the suppliers, select an option from the Annual Purchase Calculation Base list. The available options are:

      • Last 365 Days - The sum is calculated based on the last 365 days.

      • Year - The sum is calculated starting from Jan 1st of this year up to the actual date.

      • Date Value - The sum is calculated starting from the date entered in Date Annual Purchase up to the actual date.

    • To display the values of a property in a separate column, click Property Com_LOV_Add ICON and select the property. To display only suppliers with a particular property value assigned, click Property Value Com_LOV_Add ICON and select the value.

    • Click to apply calculation, filter and display.

    • Select the bidder(s) you want to add and click Add.

SHARED Tip To delete, select the bidder and click Remove Potential Bidder ICON Remove.