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If project default ZP_NDA is set to Y, the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) document must be signed and submitted by all project suppliers.

  1. Click the Companies task on the dashboard or select Companies from the Tasks list.

  2. Click Project Suppliers from the drop-down list.

    The Project Suppliers option is only available if you have selected a project that has ZP_PROJSUP set to Y.

Upload the NDA document

If any project supplier has an Approved NDA status, only users with HANDLE NDA DOCUMENT privilege can change or remove the NDA document.

  1. Click NDA Document Com_Attach ICON.

  2. Click Attach File Com_Attach ICON.

  3. Select a file and click Open.

  4. Click Save.

  5. A message appears for which suppliers you want to change the NDA status. Click any of the buttons:

    • All - the NDA status is set to Pending / Email Sent for suppliers with NDA contact and to None for all others.

      Existing signed NDA documents will be removed.

    • No NDA - (only available if any supplier has signed the previous NDA) for suppliers who have not signed the NDA, the NDA status is set to Pending / Email Sent if an NDA contact is specified and to None for all others. For suppliers who have signed the NDA, the NDA will be saved as supplier-specific NDA and the NDA status does not change.

    • Status None - the NDA status is set to Pending / Email Sent for suppliers with NDA contact and NDA status None.

    • None - the NDA status will not be changed.

    Suppliers with supplier-specific NDA are not impacted.

  • Click the file name to open and view the NDA document.

  • Click Delete File ICON Remove to remove the NDA document.

Send NDA reminder

  1. Click NDA Reminder Notification.

  2. Select the suppliers to be reminded and click Send Reminder.

    Reminder emails are sent.

    Only suppliers with Pending NDA status and specified NDA contact are displayed.

Edit the NDA

  1. Select a supplier and click Non-Disclosure Agreement.

  2. If the supplier has signed and uploaded the NDA, you can click the File Name in the Signed NDA Document grid to view the document.

  3. Click NDA Contact Com_LOV_Add ICON and select the supplier's contact responsible for the NDA signing.

    Email conversations regarding NDA status changes and notifications are carried out with this contact. The company primary user is the default contact person and displayed by default, but you can change by selecting another user. If no users exist, email is not sent to this supplier.

  4. Select an appropriate NDA Status.

    The initial supplier’s NDA status is None, it will be changed by the buyer during the entire NDA process. The available NDA statuses are:

    • None

    • Pending/Email Sent - Email notification is sent to the supplier requesting him to sign and submit the NDA.

    • Received – The signed NDA is received from the supplier.

    • Hold - The NDA is in negotation

    • Approved  - The signed NDA is approved.

    • Approved with Comments – The signed NDA is approved, but with comments.

    • Rejected – The signed NDA is rejected.

    • Exemption – Supplier does not need to sign the NDA.

  5. Optionally, type comments on the NDA process in the NDA Comments box.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Optionally, click Send Reminder to send an email to the NDA contact to remind him on the NDA signature.

    The Send Reminder button is only enabled if the NDA status is None or Pending and an NDA contact is specified.

SHARED Tip Click NDA History to view all actions on the supplier's NDA status.

Apply supplier specific NDA

If you want to use a separate NDA for this supplier instead of the project NDA, do the following:

  1. Select Supplier Specific NDA.

  2. Click Attach File Com_Attach ICON.

  3. Select a file and click Open.

  4. Proceed as described above under Edit NDA.