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If all tasks related to an agreement are done, you can close the agreement. After closing, the agreement is no longer available on the Expediting screen.

When can I close an agreement?

An agreement can only be closed, if all these conditions are met:

  • All supplements approved - all supplements of the agreement are approved.

  • All material received - all material ordered with this agreement is received on site. This means that the ordered quantity (or more) of all item shipments has been received on site and has been posted to the inventory. Depending on the setting of project default ZP_RCV_TOL, the material is also regarded as being received if the complete quantity has not been received on site. The value assigned to this project default represents a percentage value. If the tolerance is 0 (zero, default value), the check box is only marked if either all material or even more has been received and posted on site. If the tolerance is greater than 0 (zero), this check box is also marked if less material has been received. To what degree lower quantities are accepted depends on the value of the tolerance.

  • All OS&Ds closed - all OS&Ds (Over, Short, and Damaged reports) created for this agreement are closed.

Additionally, for New Expediting (project default ZP_NEW_EXP set to Y):

  • All outstanding worklists completed - all outstanding worklists assigned to the agreement are marked as completed. This is, the OWL Comp check box must be selected on all item shipments which have an entry in Outstanding Work List.

Additionally, for Basic Expediting (project default ZP_NEW_EXP set to N):

  • All closeout activities checked - all closeout activities that have been assigned to this agreement are marked as complete. This is, the Completed check box in the Closeout Activities tab on the Agreements screen must be selected for all assigned activities.

  • All NCRs closed - all NCRs (Non-conformance reports) are closed. Open NCRs means that item shipments exist which are marked as inspectable, and at least one of these item shipments have the NCR Date filled but not the NCR Release Date.

  • All supplements issued - all supplements of this agreement must have the Issued Date set.

  1. Click the Expediting task on the dashboard or select Expediting from the Tasks list.

  2. Select an agreement.

  3. Click Close Agreement.

    A dialog box opens, displaying the agreement details and the prerequisites to close the agreement.

  4. If all prerequisites are fulfilled and the check boxes marked, click Close Agreement.