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The supplied template can be modified according to the following rules:

  • It is not allowed to modify the names of the sheets (ISH, MCS, IRC, RN, HEAT, INTERNAL).

  • The display of data is controlled by identifiers in the following format:


    *FIELD_NAME* - Using this format (field name enclosed by * *) excludes the values in the field from the import. There is no difference in the created export file.

  • The start identifier of each data block (#ORDER#, #ISH#, #MCS#, #IRC#, #RN#, #HEAT#) cannot be omitted.

  • The end identifiers of each block (#END_ISH#, #END_MCS#, #END_IRC#, #END_RN#, #END_HEAT#) cannot be omitted.

  • Processing of each sheet of the template stops at the identifier #END_TEMPLATE#. It is strongly recommended not to remove this identifier, because this would result in a significant increase in processing time for the export.

  • The columns 250 – 255 are reserved for internal use.

  • Positions of the identifiers of the ORDER block can be changed horizontally or vertically.

  • All identifiers of the blocks ISH (Item Shipments), MCS, IRC, RN (Release Notes) and HEAT (Heat Numbers) must reside on one line.

  • The identifiers corresponding to the Pos, Sub, Is Pos, IS Sub, and Suppl fields are required for item shipments and heat numbers (ISH and HEAT sheets).

  • Data type formats of the identifier fields must correspond to the datatypes in the Expediting screen (this is the case in the supplied template).

  • Color coding in the supplied template in general has the following meaning (although this is not a complete representation of the application logic of Expediting).




    Fields that cannot be modified by the import and thus should not be changed.


    Mandatory; input is required for these fields by the import.


    Optional; input is not required for these fields.


    Fields in the order block cannot be modified. For the identifier #SPLIT#, see the information about splitting tags.