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The company types that are assigned to the selected company are displayed in the Company Types box.

  1. Click Manage Company Types.

  2. Select the check box for the company type(s) to be assigned.

    SHARED Tip To remove a company type, clear the check box.

    • You can assign multiple company types.

    • Assigning company types with the Supplier marker specifies the company as supplier or subcontractor. Only companies with a Supplier company type assigned will have access to the Portal. After assigning a Supplier company type, the additional Supplier, Project Details and Performance, and Request for Information tabs are available to maintain supplier specific information.

    • The Freight Forwarder marker indicates the company type that enables the Freight Forwarding functionality in the Portal for a freight forwarder, to view and edit PPLs and packing lists.

  3. Click Save.