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  1. Select the shipment and click the Shipment Details tab.

  2. Click Price Codes.

  3. Click Assign Price Codes.

  4. Select Filtered from the View list, to view only the price codes that apply to the packing list.

    • When Filtered view is selected, the price codes are filtered based on the criteria defined in the CIP GET_PCODE_FILTER_LIST. No hard coded filters are applied for this.

    • You can configure the CIP to specify any or all of the following properties which will be compared to identify the matching price codes for a shipment when Filtered is selected.


      • MOC_CODE

      • HLO_TYPE (HLO Criteria)

      • GEA_CODE (this refers to geographical area)

      • DEPARTURE_COUNTRY (country of loading)

      • DEPARTURE_LOCATION (port of loading)

      • ARRIVAL_COUNTRY (country of discharge)

      • ARRIVAL_LOCATION (port of discharge)



      • TCNT_PROVIDER (container provider)

      • OUT_OF_GAUGE_IND (out of gauge indicator.)

    • When the filtering is applied on SHIPMENT_PHASE the price codes list displays the price codes based on the transport object selection in the Assign Price Codes page as explained below:

      • Packing Lists/Packages : All, main-shipments, pre-shipments, post-shipments

      • Main-shipment: All, main-shipment

      • Pre-shipment: All, pre-shipment

      • Post-shipment: All, post-shipment

    • When All view is selected then all the price codes are displayed. No CIP or hard coded filter applies in that case.

  5. Select the price codes by clicking the check boxes and click Save.

    You cannot assign price codes to shipments that are marked as complete.

    • To remove a price code assignment, select it and click Delete.

    • You can assign price codes to a pre-shipment from the Pre-shipments tab. Click the link in the Price Codes column and click Assign Price Codes. .

    • You can assign price codes to a post-shipment from the Post-shipments tab.Click the link in the Price Codes column and click Assign Price Codes.

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