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If the actual date of a milestone is linked with a database column, the date is derived from this column and must not be entered manually. For example, if the date is linked with m_po_headers.approved_date, the actual date is automatically set when the purchase order is approved.

Com_Link ICON indicates that the actual date is linked with a database column, and Com_BrokenLink ICON indicates, that the actual date is no longer linked and the date can be entered manually.

  1. Select a milestone, and click Com_Link ICON in the Actual cell.

  2. A message appears, click Yes.

  3. Click Com_DateAndTime ICON in the Actual cell and select a date.

  4. Another message appears, if the forecasted dates shall be recalculated.

SHARED Tip To link the actual date again with a database column, click Com_BrokenLink ICON and confirm the message with OK.