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As a traffic coordinator, you are responsible for ensuring optimal and timely passage of the packages and item shipments from the supplier's location to the site. You also act as a liaison between the supplier and the freight forwarder.


The supplier and freight forwarder can view or update relevant packing related information in the Smart Materials Portal. You work in the Smart Materials application for viewing and managing the packages and shipments.

Your job begins when an agreement or engineering requisition is created and ends when the required materials or items arrive at the site. You spend a large amount of your time planning the work related to packing.

The two entities that help in the planning phase are:

  • Preliminary Packing List (PPL) - It helps in treating the preliminary packages as a logical unit for planning activities.

  • Preliminary Packages - A preliminary package is a conceptual object that is used for planning. Unlike a package, a preliminary package does not have any physical counterpart.

traffic coordinator

Generally, the supplier creates the PPLs and populates them with preliminary packages. Then, the supplier submits the PPLs to you. You can review the preliminary packages and the item shipments within them. If changes are required, you can ask supplies to make changes by requesting that they resubmit a PPL.

The actual packing process begins after the expediter creates the release notes, also known as packing lists. The supplier creates the packages for a packing list and ensures that all the items mentioned in the packing lists are included in packages. Then the supplier submits the release notes for your approval. After you approve a packing list, the supplier starts the physical packing process.

View Manage Preliminary Packing Lists and Packing Lists for more information on traffic coordination.