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On the Tag Details screen, you can edit the tag description, add descriptions in other languages, and view the tag history.

Edit the tag description

  1. Click Description to view the layout short and layout long of the selected tag.

    The description language appears on top of the layout short.

  2. To add an additional description in another language, proceed as follows:

    • Click Add description in another language.

    • Select the language from the list.

    • Type the layout short.

    • Type the layout long.

    • Click Save.

To delete a layout short and long for a language, click the red X in the line with the language.

View the tag history

  • Click History.

The history records of the selected tag number are displayed with these information:

  • Tag Number - this is the current tag number of the item.

  • Ident Code - this is the corresponding ident code.

  • Previous Tag Number - this is the tag number before it was changed.

  • Changed By - shows the user who changed the tag number.

  • Date of Change - displays the date when the tag number was changed.

Changed In - shows in which Smart Materials screen the tag number was changed.