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The total costs of the agreement are displayed on the Total Costs screen, grouped by currencies.

The number of the cost and tax decimal places is controlled by the setting of project default ZP_DECP_EP.

The total costs of an agreement are calculated under consideration of the line item quantities and unit prices, the line item other costs, and the agreement other costs. The calculation of change order (CO) total costs includes all previous agreement supplements. If only the costs of the actual CO shall be calculated, the project default ZP_CODELTA must be set to Y.

The last, changed, and total cost are automatically calculated and cannot be changed. The last cost is the total cost of the agreement prior to the creation of a CO, and the changed cost is the difference between the previous and the actual total cost. Both, the last and changed cost value are 0 (zero) in case of an agreement supplement 0.

To apply a tax rate on the total costs of an agreement, proceed as follows.

  1. Select the Tax check box.

    The value assigned to project default ZP_TAX is set as default in the Tax % cell.

  2. If needed, type or update the tax percentage in the Tax % cell.

  3. The tax amount is automatically calculated based on this percentage and displayed in the Tax Amount cell.

    Vice versa, if you enter a tax amount, the percentage is automatically calculated and displayed.

    The tax amount is added to the total cost and the result displayed in Total Cost + Tax.

  4. You can select the account code to be used for taxes from the Account Code list.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Alternatively, you can click the Calculate Tax button at the bottom.

    If you click this button, the m_pck_po_custom.execute_cip CIP procedure is executed. This CIP is intended to calculate the tax depending on the values of variable properties such as tax rate and tax flag. The button is only enabled for agreements that are not approved.

  • The tax is neither included in the total cost value, nor in the project supplier history.

  • If the purchase order (PO) is created based on a notice of commitment (NOC) or a blanket order (BO), the tax amount will be copied from the NOC or the BO if the Tax indicator is not set. If Tax is selected, the tax amount is calculated as usual based on the tax percentage.