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Why should I take ownership of a shipment?

You might want to take ownership of a shipment if you want to edit the shipment on behalf of the freight forwarder. When you take ownership of a shipment, you can create pre-shipments or post-shipments for it. You can also add or edit custom bills for a shipment. At any point, you can give the ownership back to the freight forwarder.

  1. Select Traffic from the Tasks list.

  2. Click Shipments.

    All the shipments are displayed.

  3. Click the Shipment Number for which you want to take ownership.

  4. On the Shipment Details tab, click Take Ownership.

  5. Type a comment and click Take Ownership.

    The freight forwarder receives an email about the ownership change of the shipment.

    SHARED Tip You can click Give Ownership to give ownership of a shipment to the freight forwarder. However, this option is only available for the shipments having packing lists whose MOT Codes are empty or else have a corresponding MOC Type assigned. Also, you cannot give ownership of a shipment, if the MOC of the shipment and the included packing lists are different.