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  1. Select Traffic from the Tasks list.

  2. Select Agreements from the list under Traffic Coordination.

  3. Click the packing list (in which you want to create a package) from the PPL/Packing List Number column.

  4. Click Add Package create_preliminary_package.

  5. Type the package number in the Package Number box.

  6. Type or select the package type In the Type box.

  7. Type the number of packages you want to create, in the Number of Packages box.

    SHARED Tip Select the Lot Package check box, if the package might have more quantities of some items later. Mention such items in the Description box. Lot packages are not considered for HLO calculation.

  8. If required, type a short description of the package, in the Short Description box.

  9. If required, type a description of the package, in the Description box.

  10. If required, type the country of the package's origin in the Country of Origin box.

  11. Enter the volume of the package. You can provide the volume in one of the following ways:

    • Type the package dimensions in the Dimensions boxes. The volume is automatically calculated based on the dimension values.

    • Type the package volume in the Volume box.

      The Volume box is only editable when all the dimension values are zero.

  12. Type the gross weight of the package in the Gross Weight box.

  13. If required, type the net weight of the package in the Net Weight box.

  14. If required, enter the site storage code of the package in the Site Storage Code box.

  15. If required, select the appropriate tier number in the Stackable Tier box.

    • The Total Freight Ton value is automatically calculated based on the Total Volume and Total Gross Weight value.

    • You can also create a package by selecting an existing package and clicking Duplicate Packageduplicate_package. That creates a new package containing the same information as the selected package. However, the package items are not copied when you duplicate a package.

    • The list of units linked to the unit type PKG_WEIGHT are used to assign weight units to packages or preliminary packages. However, only those units for which unit-to-unit conversion factors are set in A.10.12 are displayed (to the suppliers) in the Weight Unit list.

    • The list of units linked to the unit type DIMENSION are available in the Dimension Unit list for the suppliers to assign dimension units to packages or preliminary packages. You should assign units only from the unit groups - LENGTH, QUANTITY, and DIMENSION to the DIMENSION unit type. If the DIMENSION unit type is not available, you can create it in A10.12 screen.