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Manual purchase orders (MP) are only available on the Agreements screen. To make them also available for Expediting, Traffic, and Site, you must switch the type of the approved manual purchase order to purchase order (PO).

  1. Click the Agreements task on the dashboard.

  2. Select an agreement (that has the agreement type Manual PO).

  3. Click the Switch Type button.

    If the agreement type is changed, a manual requisition is created automatically, because the expediting module is completely based on requisitions.

    The Switch Type button is not enabled if any of the following apply:

    • The supplement is not the highest supplement of the agreement.

    • The agreement is closed.

      An agreement is closed, if the Closed date is set and the ZP_CONSCLS project default is set to Y.

    • The supplement is not approved.

    • The agreement is not a manual purchase order.

    • The ERP Managed check box is selected and you do not have the PROCESS ERP AGREEMENTS/REQS privilege.