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Questions about the company profile must be answered by the suppliers during the Portal registration.

What is a supplier?

In Smart Materials, a supplier is a company that has a company type assigned which is marked as supplier.

The Company Profile tab is only enabled if


  • you select a (potential) supplier,

  • and the supplier performs the Portal registration.

  1. Click the Companies task on the dashboard or select Companies from the Tasks list.

  2. Select a supplier.

  3. Click Company Profile on the Company tab.

  • If sub-categories are available, click next to a category to display their sub-categories.

  • Click to collapse the category.

  • Select the revision from the drop-down list on the right to display another revision of the questionnaire.

  1. Click to display the questions of the category.

    The questions appear with the answers and attached files.

  2. Click the filename to open a file.

  3. To approve the company profile, click Approval Sequence on the Approval tab at the bottom, and Perform multi-step approval.

    The approval sequence is filled using the approval template assigned to DBA setting COMPANY_PROFILE_APT. If the DBA setting is not set, the approval template assigned to only one question of the company profile questionnaire is used to fill the approval sequence. If no approval template is assigned to the questionnaire and the DBA setting, you can manually enter the approval sequence to approve. If multiple approval templates are assigned to the questionnaire and the DBA setting is not set, you must perform the approval on question level.

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