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You can set the appearance of the tree panel according to your own preferences. These settings are stored and used when you open the tree again.

  1. Drag the right frame of the panel to change the panel size.

  2. Click CollapseTreeArrow in the right corner of the panel to hide the panel.

  3. Click the vertical tab to display the panel again.

  4. Select an option from the Group By drop-down list to change the group-by criterion for the displayed planning items.

    By default, the records are grouped by none, which means the tree displays a flat list of the planning items. The available group by options are

    • None

    • Type

    • Milestone Set

    • Planning Group

    For example, if you select Milestone Set from the list, the milestone sets appear in the first level of the tree with the associated planning items in the second level.

  5. Click the triangle next to the milestone set to display the assigned planning items.