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Before you start entering project related data in Smart Materials, have a look on Master Data tutorial:

You can define master data on the Master Data screen, by following any of the below method:

  • You can navigate to the Master Data screen in either of the following ways:

    • Click the required task on the dashboard.


    • Select Master Data from the Tasks list.

  • To find the required screen, type the first few letters of the screen name in the Search box.

  • You can also navigate to the required screen in either of the following ways:

    • Select All from the list.

    • Select the required category.

The Tree view contains a hierarchy used for navigating to the categories. Click the category to view its corresponding screen. You can use the filter Com_Filter ICON on the screen to view your preferred data. See Filter the tree for details.

Access to different screens depends on user roles and access rights.

In This Section

Manage administrative master data

Manage procurement related master data

Manage subcontract related master data