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You can assign notes to the agreement and attach files to notes in the Notes section on the Information Center panel.

The notes you create here are not visible in Smart Materials Classic, because this functional enhancement is not available there.

The latest note is displayed, together with the date and time when the note was created.

  1. Click Add or Show all.

    A window opens where you can edit, add, and delete notes and attach documents to the notes.

  2. To add a new note, enter the note text in the box at the bottom.

  3. Click Add Note Com_Publish ICON.

  4. The new note appears on top of the notes in the upper part of the window, together with its creation date and time.

  5. To attach documents to the selected note, click Com_Attach ICON.

    An explorer window opens.

  6. Select the document(s) for upload.

  7. Click Open.

  8. Click Save.

  • To delete an attached file, click Delete File .

  • To delete a note with all attachments from the list, select the note and click Delete Note ICON Remove.