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  1. Click Header on the category panel.

  2. Click the Agreement Number box to edit the agreement number.

  3. (Optional) Click Number Rule Com_LOV_Add ICON, select a rule and click Generate Number. The agreement number is generated using the selected number rule. If you click the button without entering a number rule, the default number rule assigned to project default ZP_PORULE is used.

    The button and the Number Rule box are not displayed if

    • the supplement is greater 0 (zero),

    • Ready for Approval is selected,

    • the approval has started,

    • the agreement is approved,

    • the agreement is closed,

    • or, the agreement is controlled by ERP (ERP Managed check box is selected).

  4. (Optional) If a client agreement number is associated with this agreement, type this number in the Client Agreement Number box.

  5. (Optional) Type the agreement description in the Short Description and Description boxes.

  6. Click Origin Com_LOV_Add ICON and select the name of the office that has requested the agreement.

  7. Click Issued By Com_LOV_Add ICON and select the name of the office that has issued the agreement.

  8. For subcontract agreements (or for POs if the project default ZP_SMINCPO is set to Y), do the following:

    • Click Material or Service Type Com_LOV_Add ICON and select a type from the list.

    • Click Material or Service Com_LOV_Add ICON and select a value. The material or service revision appears in the Revision box.

  9. (Optional) If header properties are defined and displayed, you can enter values.

  10. Click Save.