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  1. Select an item shipment.

  2. In the grid, scroll to the Fabrications section.

  3. Click Actual Fab Start Com_DateAndTime ICON and select the actual fabrication start date.

  4. Enter the percentage of fabrication completion in the Comp% cell.

  5. Click 50% Comp Com_DateAndTime ICON and select the date on which 50% of fabrication was actually completed.

  6. Click Prom Fab Comp Com_DateAndTime ICON and select the date the supplier promised to have the fabrication completed.

  7. Click Actual Fab Comp Com_DateAndTime ICON and select the date when the supplier actually completed the fabrication.

  8. Type or select the fabrication location name in the Fab Location cell.

  9. Type the control number of the fabrication in the Fab Ctrl Number cell.

  10. If required, type the name of the manufacturer in the Manufacturer cell.

    The manufacturer is copied from the corresponding agreement line item. The expediter can only change the manufacturer if the buyer did not enter the manufacturer on the agreement line item level, or if the item shipment is a detail tag created by the expediter, or if project default ZP_MFCTEXP is set to Y.

  11. Enter the the x-, y-, and z-dimensions of the item in the Dimensions box.

  12. Click the Fabrication tab.

    This tab is read-only.

    The item shipment's fabrication information is displayed.