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  1. Click the Expediting task on the dashboard, or select Expediting from the Tasks list.

  2. Select an agreement.

  3. Select the Item Shipment Details tab.

    The item shipments of the selected agreement are displayed.

    • To quickly navigate to a particular column in the grid, click Go to Column on the right and select the column.

    • Click Expand All to expand all item shipments and display the detail tags of split tagged items. To hide the detail tags, click Collapse All Com_Tree_Collapse.

      On filtering the grid, the item shipments must be expanded to apply the filter also on the details.

    • Click Requisition and select a requisition from the list to display only item shipments that refer to this requisition.

  4. You can use the mini tool bar buttons and the tabs at the bottom to do one of the following.