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Intergraph Smart Materials dynamic labels are available for customer screens to maintain customer-designed prompts, labels, hint texts, tooltips, alerts, and so on. Use screen A.60.36 Customer Labels.

Entries maintained in screen A.60.36 are saved when a Smart Materials release or Service Pack (SP) is installed.

Screen A.60.36 is comparable to screen A.30.11 Glossary Entries, but screen A.30.11 is restricted to Intergraph use. On screen A.60.36, customers only need access to one block. The second block is not needed for the use of dynamic labels by customer screens.

This section includes samples of the code customers must implement to use dynamic labels in their screens.

The m_pck_dynamic_labels package makes it easy to retrieve translated prompts, hints, window titles and so on.

Using dynamic labels is optional. Each customer must decide whether to implement the code in the screens or in a library.