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This section describes the process for creating a price agreement in Intergraph Smart Materials.

In Smart Materials, a price agreement is used to agree prices by contract between the company working with Smart Materials and a supplier of specific articles for a certain period of time.

Since the work process behind a price agreement is similar to the one used for the creation of blanket orders, the differences between these two pricing options with regard to purchase orders are listed below.

Price Agreement

Blanket Order

If created in the product group, available for all related projects.

Always available for a single project.

Not based on a requisition or BOM data.

As long as the B.O. is not created manually, it is based on requisitions.

No direct link to inquiry cycles.

Inquiry cycle is integrated.

Only line item prices can be transferred to a later P.O.

Prices and other cost and attachments can be transferred to a later P.O.

The price agreement can be easily used to speed up the purchasing process. It allows saving inquiry cost and time for bulk materials, which can be bought easily again and again through the same supplier. It is also possible to create several price agreements for the same material.