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This section explains how to set up and use the Split Tag feature in Intergraph Smart Materials.

Tagged items can be big and expensive, such as a tank or a compressor. This is not necessarily delivered as one item, but in parts. Sometimes you would be able to enter the parts that compose such a tag already on the BOM, but in other cases, you get only the information that the tag will not be supplied as a whole in a later stage, for example, after you have already created the corresponding purchase order.

The split tag feature is implemented for such cases. It allows you to create sub-parts for a tagged item at different stages within the procurement and site control module.

Splitting is available only on one level; not even at the sub‑parts level.

The Split tag functionality is different from splitting a quote detail in screen P.30.22 using the Create Split button and creating additional item shipments in the expediting screens. These two functionalities are intended only for splitting quantities, whereas the functionality described in this section allows you to create a kind of assembly for an ident.