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Smart Materials/Smart Reference Data Version

This section describes the Smart Materials application programming interface (API) packages that are provided for the Inquiries / Quotes and Agreements business objects.

These packages are used to update selected columns of tables containing information for inquiries, quotes, and agreements. Because a record of type table is used as a parameter, the packages allow you to update varying numbers of columns using a single call.

These updates are processed in the same way as in the corresponding Smart Materials screens. This implies, all validity checks that are performed on the screens are done here as well.

For example, the Currency box can only contain units that have been defined for the CURRENCY unit group. The API package will not allow you to set the currency to a unit defined for a unit group such as VOLUME or WEIGHT.

If any update triggers updates of other columns on a screen, this will happen here too.

For example, if the Quote Date box is changed on P.30.22, the Validity Date box is calculated again taking into account the value of the Validity box.

Prior to updating any value in a box, all data is validated. The update is performed only if no error is found. All errors that are found will be listed so that an iterative process of correcting data is avoided.

Some API packages also provide the possibility to insert records. Currently, this is restricted to the insertion of the following records:

  • Splits and alternates for quote details

  • Purchase orders of type PO, MP, and CO

  • Agreement line items

  • Item shipments

  • Split tags

  • Attached other costs and their description

  • Attached comments

  • Attached progress payment sets

  • Attached text and terms (term type Inquiry)

When inserting a record, you only have to pass to the parameters to the procedure, the column names, and their values that you want to fill or that may not be set to NULL. The remaining columns are set to NULL or filled with default values.

The following orders for the corporate warehouse are not fully supported by the API packages:

  • You cannot create an order for the corporate warehouse.

  • You cannot insert order line items or item shipments for such an order.

  • You cannot update quantities on these orders.