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Intergraph Smart Licensing Methods for Automatically Updating Smart Licensing Client

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Installation & Upgrade

Large organizations commonly manage all changes to user computers through the use of Information Technology (IT). In some cases, the IT team may have a policy that requires the testing of new software versions on-site before it can be distributed to user computers.

You can satisfy these requirements by placing the Smart Licensing Client in a central network share and triggering the Smart Licensing Client upgrade through an automated process. Using this approach, your users will always be using the latest upgraded software.

For example, use the process explained in the following steps:

  1. Download the latest version of the Smart Licensing Client from the Software Delivery Server located at:

  2. Complete a suite of tests against this version to ensure it passes internal standards.

  3. Place this version on an internal delivery network share that is accessible by any user computer.

  4. Create a script to pull the version from the network share and install it silently on any user computer.

  5. Add the script to a scheduled task on user computers, or deploy it through a group policy. This group policy would include checking that the version in the share is newer or the same age as what is installed.

  • In addition to a script, there are other types of IT automation software that can be used to upgrade the Smart Licensing Client. We have successfully verified that the Smart Licensing Client upgrade can be triggered through software, such as PDQ Deploy. The Smart Licensing Client software can also be packaged using a package management platform, such as Chocolatey.

  • If you have additional questions or need support with using the built-in automatic upgrade capabilities of the Smart Licensing Client, please raise a Service Request with support.