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Intergraph Smart Isometrics Installation

Intergraph Smart Isometrics
Installation & Upgrade
2019 R1 (8.1)
2019 R1 (7.1)
2019 R1 (9.1)

The following steps apply to every release type of Intergraph Smart Isometrics: full product, hot fix, and service pack installations.

  • Before beginning an installation of Smart Isometrics, verify that the workstation computer meets the specified hardware and software requirements and that all prerequisite software is installed. For more information, see Smart Isometrics Hardware and Software Recommendations.

  • You must install and configure Intergraph Smart Licensing on each workstation computer before installing the Smart Isometricssoftware. Smart Isometrics requires Intergraph Smart Licensing for concurrent licensing. This licensing software is delivered on its own media that comes with your Smart Isometrics product media. For more information about using and configuring concurrent licensing, see the Intergraph Smart Licensing documentation.

  • If you are installing a new full product release, remove the older version of Smart Isometrics before loading the new version. For more information see Remove Smart Isometrics software.

  • You must have administrator privileges on the workstation computer to install the software. We recommend using the Run as administrator option.

  1. Insert the Smart Isometrics product media. If the installation does not start automatically, right-click Setup.exe in the main folder of the DVD, and then select Run as administrator.

  2. Click Smart Isometrics Installation.

    During initialization, if setup detects that .NET Framework is not installed, you are prompted to optionally install it.

  3. Click Start Setup on the Welcome screen.

  4. Type your name and company information on the Details and Features screen.

  5. To install the software in a different location, click Browse , and then navigate to the folder.

  6. Type the product serial number in the Serial Number box.

    Serial numbers are used for product identification only.

  7. Verify that the registration information is correct, and then click Next.

  8. Read the license agreement. Click to agree to the license agreement, and then click Install.

    The software and sample project data are installed on the computer.

  9. Click Finish when installation completes.