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Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher Web API Install Guide

Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher
Installation & Upgrade

This section describes the process for upgrading a computer to a newer version of the Smart Interop Publisher Web API.

Upgrading the Web Server

  1. Save a copy of your web.config file: C:\Program Files\SmartPlant\Interop Publisher\ISIPWebAPI\web.config.

    During uninstallation of Smart Interop Publisher, the web.config file is removed from the system. Copy the file before uninstalling to keep any changes.

  2. Uninstall Smart Interop Publisher Web API.

  3. Uninstall Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher, if required.

  4. If you made a copy of web.config file, merge changes to the new web.config file.

Upgrading the Services Computers

  1. Uninstall Smart Interop Publisher Web API from your computer.

    Export and Import commands are available with ISIPConfigurationUtility.exe. To preserve the Smart Interop Publisher Service settings during an upgrade, run the Export command to dump Smart Interop Publisher Service settings. Use the Import command after upgrading to use previously configured settings.


    1. Open an elevated command line (Run as Administrator) to execute Export and Import commands.

    2. Run the Export command before you uninstall:

      "C:\Program Files\SmartPlant\Interop Publisher\ISIPWebApi\Client\Bin\ISIPWebAPIConfigurationUtility.exe" -export "<ExportFilePath>.json"

    3. Run the Import command after upgrading to latest version:

      "C:\Program Files\SmartPlant\Interop Publisher\ISIPWebApi\Client\Bin\ISIPWebAPIConfigurationUtility.exe" -import "<ExportedFilePath>.json" -u "<username>" -p "<password>"

  2. Uninstall Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher to upgrade.

  3. Install the updated version of Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher.

  4. Install the new Smart Interop Publisher Web API version.

  5. Use the Smart Interop Publisher Web API Configuration tool to start the service and make any required configuration changes.