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Version 15.1

  • Improved data mining capabilities from PDMS datasets to enrich As-Built seed models for plant operations and project execution in HxGN SDx and Smart 3D applications.

  • A new PDMS translation setting has been added so that you can remove extraneous leading characters in the Name property during translation. This removal allows you to create a consistent and readable name property display in the resulting target application. For example, in Smart 3D, the property page and System Breakdown Structure hierarchy display can be improved with this option. For more information, see PDMS options.

  • A new Run Job Immediately option has been added to a project's folder settings (Project > Settings > Folder) for Smart Interop Publisher to automatically translate, publish, or update Smart Models and Smart Drawings, and publish Smart Document as soon as source files have been added. The option also allows Smart Models to automatically be updated if any source or project files have been detected as missing. For more information, see Scheduling Folder Settings.

  • Smart Interop Publisher now supports Solidworks versions 2019 and 2020.

  • A new IFC translation setting, Calculate Geometric Quantities, derives specific quantities for objects such as IFCWall, IFCSlab, IFCPlate, IFCBeam, IFCCurtainWall, and IFCColumn to provide more detailed property information. For more information, see IFC options.

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