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You can install and uninstall the MCAD module in Silent mode using command-line arguments executed from a command prompt, a batch file, or a third-party software deployment tool. Silent mode requires minimal user interaction. This section provides the setup command and describes the available command-line arguments that can be used to perform silent installations for the MCAD module using the provided setup executable.

Silent Install

Command-line install with all arguments:

"<path>\MCAD_Setup.exe" –silent –install SLAACCEPT=YES USERNAME=<name> COMPANYNAME=<company name> SERIALNUM=<product serial number>

If any names or paths contain one or more spaces, enclose the name in quotation marks. For example: USERNAME= "Pat Smith".

Required Arguments:


Set up for installation.


Accepts the Software License Agreement for all users on whose computers you are installing the product.


Specifies the user name.

COMPANYNAME=<company name>

Specifies your company name.


Specifies the serial number provided for the Smart Interop Publisher MCAD module.

After MCAD module installation, you can open Smart Interop Publisher to add your MCAD source files for translation. The MCAD module also provides translation settings for defeaturing to simplify your model during the translation. For more information on MCAD translations, refer to the Define translation settings topic in the Smart Interop Publisher User's Guide and Help.

Example Silent Install

The following example specifies:

  • User name = Pat Smith

  • Source location path = E:\InteropMCAD

  • Company name = Hexagon

  • Product serial number = 123456789

"E:\InteropMCAD\MCAD_Setup.exe" –silent –install SLAACCEPT=YES USERNAME="Pat Smith" COMPANYNAME="Hexagon" SERIALNUM=0123456789

The silent installation, performed on February 11, 2017 at 7:45:15 am, generates the log file %TEMP%\ Intergraph_Smart_Interop_Publisher_MCAD_Module_20170313155314.log.

Silent Uninstall

To perform a silent uninstall, you must have the original installation media.

"<path>\MCAD_Setup.exe" –silent –uninstall

When you silently uninstall the module, a log file is created in the %TEMP% folder called Intergraph_Smart_Interop_Publisher_MCAD_Module<uninstall date and time>.log.

Example Silent Uninstall

To uninstall the MCAD module from the install location E:\InteropMCAD, type:

"E:\InteropMCAD\MCAD_Setup.exe" –silent –uninstall

The silent uninstall, performed on February 17, 2017 at 2:47:13 pm, generates the log file %TEMP%\ Intergraph_Smart_Interop_Publisher_MCAD_Module_20170313155314.log.