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Before you begin

Before creating a silent setup of Smart Interop Publisher, make sure that the following conditions exist:

  • All prerequisites are loaded. For more information, see Smart Interop Publisher System Requirements. The silent installations do not automatically check for prerequisites.

  • Any previous versions of Smart Interop Publisher on the target machine have been uninstalled.

  • The target machine meets the free disk space recommendations.

Command-line Arguments

"<path>\SIP_Setup.exe" -silent -install SLAACCEPT=YES USERNAME=<name> COMPANYNAME=<company name> SERIALNUM=<product serial number> [INSTALLLOCATION=<path>]

  • The silent install does not work if the path ends in a backslash (\). For example, use INSTALLLOCATION="E:; not INSTALLLOCATION="E:\.

  • If any names or paths contain one or more spaces, enclose the name in quotation marks. For example: USERNAME= "Pat Smith".

  • The silent install requires a reboot to complete the installation. When the command-line process finishes, restart the computer before continuing to Smart Interop Publisher.

  • When you silently install or uninstall the product, a log file is created in the %TEMP% folder. The silent install creates a log file called Intergraph_Smart_Interop_Publisher<installation date and time>_0_SPIOPinst.log.

Required Arguments:


Set up for installation.


Accepts the Software License Agreement for all users on whose computers you are installing the product.


Specifies the user name.

COMPANYNAME=<company name>

Specifies your company name.

SERIALNUM=<product serial number>

Specifies the serial number provided for Smart Interop Publisher.

Optional Arguments:


Specifies that the application installs to a location other than the default Windows application folder.

Example Silent Install

The following example specifies:

  • User name = Pat Smith

  • Source location path = E:\Interop

  • Company name = Hexagon

  • Product serial number = 123456789

  • Install location = D:\Program Files\Interop

"E:\Interop\SIP_Setup.exe" -silent -install SLAACCEPT=YES USERNAME="Pat Smith" COMPANYNAME="Hexagon" SERIALNUM=0123456789 INSTALLLOCATION="D:\Program Files\Interop"

The silent installation, performed on February 11, 2017 at 7:45:15 am, generates the log file %TEMP%\Intergraph_Smart_Interop_Publisher20170211074515_0_SPIOPinst.log.