Command and Option Prerequisites - Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher - Installation & Upgrade

Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher Installation and Setup

Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher
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Installation & Upgrade
Smart Review Version
2020 (15.0)
Smart Interop Publisher Version

This section lists Smart Interop Publisher commands and options that have prerequisites for their operation.

Mechanical CAD translation

  • Smart Licensing client installed on the same computer on which Smart Interop Publisher is installed.

  • MCAD (MCD) license.

Open in Smart Review

  • Smart Review must be loaded on the same computer on which Smart Interop Publisher is installed.

Register with SmartPlant

  • Licensing must be installed and configured

  • SRP (Smart Interop Publisher translation) and Smart Interop Publisher Adapter to SmartPlant Foundation license

  • SmartPlant Schema Component

  • SmartPlant.NET to include SmartPlant Client.Net, SmartPlant SchemaComponent.Net, and Integration Schema Files for publishing

Revise, Publish, and Publish

  • Register the project to SmartPlant Foundation. See Register with SmartPlant.

  • Licensing must be installed and configured

  • Smart Interop Publisher Adaptor to SmartPlant Foundation license

Single Label Database Option (Composite .svf Smart Models)

  • The Single Label Database option is turned off if (a) the source files for the selected Smart Models are not in the Source Files grid, and (b) if you have selected .vue files from both Smart 3D SPRDirect and 3D Model Data. When you select multiple .vue files from Smart 3D to create a Composite Model, make sure all the .vue files are from either SPRDirect only or 3D Model Data only, not a combination of the two, to enable this option.


  • Intergraph Batch Services version 2010 SP1 HF If you do not have this version, contact your Hexagon support representative for upgrade information.


  • Intergraph Smart Licensing client installed on the same computer on which Smart Interop Publisher is installed.


  • Indicates a project that requires upgrading.

Change SmartSolids to Surfaces for V7 DGN files Option

  • This option displays for .dgn source files, but is disabled if you do not have MicroStation J (7.01) installed. This option also does not display for any other versions of MicroStation. Install MicroStation J, and select this option to translate the display of SmartSolids from wireframe to surface mode. If you do not select this option, SmartSolids are automatically translated to display in wireframe mode.

Folder Settings

  • To set up automation for scheduling and publishing to SmartPlant Foundation, you must register your project to SmartPlant Foundation, and have SmartPlant Foundation version 5.2 or later.

  • To create and edit your folder settings, you must be an administrator on the computer running Smart Interop Publisher. Also, if the User Account Control (UAC) is enabled, select Run as administrator for Smart Interop Publisher when using the Folder Settings Command.

For a Citrix environment, ensure that you have Full control in your registry for Smart Interop Publisher Folder Settings:  (Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Intergraph\SmartPlant Interop Publisher (RHM>Permissions>Security)).