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Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher Installation and Setup

Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher
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Installation & Upgrade
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2020 (15.0)
Smart Interop Publisher Version

When Smart Interop Publisher is installed, you must perform the following operations to configure it for use with a Terminal Server or Citrix. 

Unique Database Location Per User

Multiple site and project databases can reside in a single instance name. However, each user must have a location on the server where they can create unique site and project databases. The databases cannot reside on a share and cannot be mapped back to your local computer. 

Smart Review Loaded on the Server

Smart Review must be loaded on the XenApp Server for integration with Smart Interop Publisher.  Models can still be opened locally if Smart Review is loaded locally, but a local copy of SmartPlant Review cannot be launched from a XenApp installation of Smart Interop Publisher. 

Additionally, a XenApp-installed copy of Smart Review does not use any hardware acceleration by default. Therefore, performance might not be optimal. Use the information provided in the Smart Review Installation guide to install Smart Review on a XenApp server.


Follow the information in the SmartPlant Enterprise Citrix Configuration Guide to install SmartPlant Foundation on a XenApp server.