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The Intergraph Smart® Instrumentation Web API is a web API (Application Programming interface) that provides access to Smart Instrumentation application data. This Web API, like all Hexagon Web APIs, is a RESTful web API based on OData v4. Web APIs adhere to strict standards and protocols, ensuring consistent behavior for client developers.

If you are unfamiliar with Web APIs and how they work, the Web API Developer Documentation provides a good overview.

This tutorial covers primarily read-only requests (GET) (and also some update requests (PATCH)). OData metadata (a JSON document describing an API’s entity data model) lets you discover all the resources and capabilities an API offers.

This tutorial provides examples of making requests for both metadata and entity data by calling resources exposed by Smart Instrumentation. Postman, a third-party client used to interact with web APIs, is used to make the requests. For information on installing and configuring Postman for the tutorial, see the Installing and configuring Postman section of this tutorial.

The OData protocol provides a very specific and specialized syntax to use when requesting data. For details, see the OData Getting Started.

In the examples used in this tutorial the version number v2 is used. Due to the constant improvements being made to the Smart Instrumentation Web API the actual version you are running might be different.

Also, query results will likely differ from the examples shown, based on your specific environment variables and date.

Intended Audience

This tutorial is intended for software developers and IT professionals who want to become familiar with using web APIs to develop client applications.

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