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The following requests retrieve information about Smart Instrumentation's Sites and Plant Group partitions.

Service Root

The first request queries the service root based on Smart Instrumentation's schema, with the version number at the end of the request, representing the release version of the Web API.

  • Select the 02.01 Get Service Root request and click Send.


    The response retrieves a EntitySet called: Sites defined for the container.

Get Sites

By looking at the previous response, we can navigate to the sites. The next request is built on top of the previous request, requesting a collection of Sites.

  • Select the 02.02 Get Sites request and click Send.


    Payload response example showing two sites with their IDs and names: WEB9 and DEMO10:

Get Specific Site

Based on the previous request you can get a specific Site (or any other entity type) by stating its ID. The Site ID is a variable ('{{SiteId}}'), which can be replaced with any site's Id listed in the previous response. In our example, we entered: WEB9.

  • Select the 02.03 Get Specific Site request and click Send.


    The response shows the Site's Id and Name.

Get PlantGroups Collection

This request reveals the list of PlantGroups (domains) within a specific site. The PlantGroup partition is the last partition in the partition path. Using Postman, search for the string EntityType Name="Site" in the response for request 01.03 Get EDM (Entity Data Model) to find the PlantGroup navigation property.

Since Site is not the last partition it must have only a single navigation property.

GET Requests to expose Sites and Plant Groups (4)

  • Select the 02.04 Get PlantGroups request and click Send.


Get Specific PlantGroup

This request gets a specific PlantGroup. The {{PlantGroupId}} is a variable you should set in the environment and is the chosen PlantGroupId Id from the previous collection

  • Select the 02.05 Get Specific PlantGroup request and click Send.


    The response returns the selected PlantGroup.

PlantGroup Navigation Properties

PlantGroup is the entry point to the domain data. From this entity type you can navigate to other entity types to get the desired data. Using the EDM that you ran in request 01.03, you can explore which entity types you can navigate to.

  1. Run the EDM request again (if not open already).

  2. In the top right corner of the payload section, click to open a search box and type "PlantGroup" (including the double quotes).

The following screen shot shows the available entity types you can navigate to.

Apart from the main Entity Types found in Smart Instrumentation, notice there are some special entity types such as Projects and SelectLists.

In the coming requests we will use the Instrument entity type. There are other entity types under the PlantGroup which you can also explore later.