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Release Notes/Bulletin
Smart Instrumentation Web Version


  • New Terminal Strip reports have been added to Smart Instrumentation Web API. (Available for use with Smart Instrumentation 2018 HF36 and higher). They are:

    • Terminal Strip Connection Report > With Adjacent Connections

    • Terminal Strip Connection Report > Without Adjacent Connections (Style 1)

    • Terminal Strip Connection Report > Without Adjacent Connections (Style 2)

    • Enhanced Connection report Enhanced Panel-Strip Report for Terminal Strip

      This report replaces the previous Enhanced Connection per Terminal Strip report which has been removed from the Smart Instrumentation Web API.

  • Now it is possible to override the INTools preference format of the Enhanced Reports directly using the API. This allows you to set the format of your Enhanced Reports to PDF or SMA without having to change the settings within the INTools preferences.

Report Generation Security

The storage location of the Smart Instrumentation generated reports has been changed to secured storage on the file server which doesn't expose the server's folders to unauthorized access.

  • Each new generated report request creates a new unique sub-folder

  • A new flag “ClearHistory” has been added to the web.configuration file. When the flag it set to “true”, upon IIS startup it cleans all the folders, followed by a first request.

  • To utilize the report file , a client application must "Send and download" a GET request with the report Url.