Special Instructions - Intergraph Smart Instrumentation - Version 2.3.5 - Release Notes/Bulletin

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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation
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Release Notes/Bulletin
Smart Instrumentation Web Version

Access Rights

If you make any changes to your Smart Instrumentation Admin access rights, you must restart the IIS server for those changes to take effect.

Installation (Hot Fixes)

Before installing a Hot Fix of Smart Instrumentation on a server where Smart Instrumentation Web API was installed, the IIS must be stopped and may only be restarted on completion of the HF installation.

Reports and Filters

Smart Instrumentation desktop must be installed to work with reports.

  • Reports can be generated only for Instruments, Loops, Panels, and Cables.
    To create a report in .pdf format, the reports output folder set in the preferences of Smart Instrumentation must be a shared folder.

  • The execution of a report or parametric filter in a request always requires you to enter execution parameters. In the case of you not wanting or requiring specific parameters, you must use {} in the request. Before sending the request, do the following:

  1. Select Body.

  2. Select raw.

  3. From the select list, select JSON (application/json).

  4. In the text field, type the {} as shown.

parametric filter {}

Working with Smart Instrumentation without a Smart Instrumentation installation

  • Oracle users working with Smart Instrumentation Web API using an .ini file must have defined the connection parameters in Oracle Net Manager (x86 or x64).

  • If you encounter problems connecting to the Entity Data Manager (EDM), make sure that the path is defined correctly and is positioned at the top of the Environment Variables list.

    To reposition the path position, use the Move Up button in the Edit environment variable dialog box.

  • For working with EDEs, access to a Smart Instrumentation 2018 database is required