Smart Instrumentation Version 2.0 - Intergraph Smart Instrumentation - Version 2.3.3 - Release Notes/Bulletin

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation Web API Release Bulletin

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation
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Release Notes/Bulletin
Smart Instrumentation Web Version


  • The Smart Instrumentation v2.0 naming has been updated to be compliant with Hexagon rebranding.

  • This version of Smart Instrumentation supports licensing with Intergraph Smart® Licensing Client (ISL) as well as SmartPlant License Manager (SPLM).

  • Generation and hosting of the Open API specification (Swagger) is enabled.

Entity Data Model (EDM)

  • EDM has been redesigned with partitions based on Site and PlantGroup (Domain).

  • EDM entity names are compliant with Pascal case.

  • UDF Annotations metadata is exposed.

  • Support for expanding navigation properties for collections on the Site level.

  • Instrument Type is exposed as a Select List

API requests

  • When expanding engineering projects under a site, the top, skip, and count options are now available.

  • New filter options are implemented with the query object.


  • The following new reports can be generated using Web APIs:

    • Calibration Point Summary Report

    • Instrument Calibration Results sheet

    • Loop Drawing Report can be accessed from Loop entity as well as from instrument entity

  • Panel reports have been consolidated so that the details for each terminal strip appear on one page of a single report instead of being generated as separate reports.