Test your connection - Intergraph Smart Instrumentation - Version 2.3 - Installation & Upgrade

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation Web API Installation and Configuration Guide

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation
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Installation & Upgrade
Smart Instrumentation Web Version
  1. On the machine where you installed the Smart Instrumentation Web API server, open a browser window.

  2. In the address line, type the following: http://localhost/api/si/<version number>/Description

    The site’s description appears in the browser in xml format:

    The first time you connect, it may take some time because the application has to load the description in all connected plants.

  3. Next, test the connection from a remote machine. In the browser's address field, type a URI using the syntax

    'https://<Base URL>/api/si/<version number>/Description', for example:

    https://AVWIN2012JS.MYDOMAIN.COM/api/si/<version number>/Description

    You should see the same site description in xml format as you did on the local Web API server.

In order to work with Windows Authentication User you must add the following to the body of the GET Token request.

  • Key: acr_values

  • Value, idp:F47252FD-C937-48B8-AAE5-95739879E14C