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When you are using Smart Licensing , an administrator can create environment variables to customize license tracking. These variables match the columns in the Smart Licensing logging file (and journal report).

The environment variables can be added and changed using automated scripts, custom product launching utilities, or manually (as shown in the below example). The environment variables can be defined at the system level or user level. If the environment variable(s) is added at both the system and user levels, the user level takes precedence over the system level.

Any of the following variables can be defined as needed.


Defines the project name. There is a maximum of 50 characters.


Defines the node name. There is a maximum of 30 characters.

If you are using a product published on a Citrix server, the node name recorded in Smart Licensing logging will be the node name of the thin client, unless the NodeName environment variable is defined with the Citrix login.


Defines the user name. There is a maximum of 50 characters.The following steps are an example of how to manually add a new environment variables.

  1. Open the Windows Control Panel.

  2. Click System and then select Advanced System Settings.

  3. Click Environment Variables....

  4. Click New User Variable and define the new variable name and value.

  5. Click OK.