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Before starting an Oracle database you need to ensure that the RAM that this database occupies does not exceed the available RAM on your server.

  1. Make sure that the Oracle database parameter shared_pool_size is set to at least 10 million bytes.

  2. Calculate the MB RAM occupied by your Oracle database. After you perform these operations, the software does not display the Oracle error message ORA-04031. For details of calculating the MB RAM occupied by your Oracle database, see Requirements for Oracle Instance Creation in the Smart Instrumentation Installation help.

  • If your Oracle database administrator decides to improve the Oracle database performance by pinning Smart Instrumentation stored program units (stored procedures, triggers, functions, and packages), the software might display the ORA-04031 message even after you completed the above. If this happens, you need to increase the value of the shared_pool_size parameter even higher.

  • If your Oracle server machine resources do not allow the use of a higher shared_pool_size parameter value, in the Oracle Instance Configuration file, set the cursor_sharing parameter value as follows:

  • cursor_sharing=force