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Custom specification forms are stored in the database as .psr files and loaded from the database to the .psr working folder path specified on the Preferences dialog box, Export/Import page. A flag in the Smart Instrumentation preferences determines the way the software loads custom forms:

  • When selecting the Overwrite PSR file check box, the .psr is loaded from the database each time the custom form is requested.

  • When clearing the Overwrite PSR file check box, the .psr folder will be searched for the custom form. If the custom form does not exist in the .psr folder, the appropriate .psr file is loaded from the database and created in the .psr folder.

With Overwrite PSR file selected, the software loads a custom .psr file from the database every time this spec form is requested. This ensures that only the most recent versions of the form can be used, as only the most recent modified forms are stored in the database. However, this might have some effect on performance, as the spec form is loaded to the .psr working folder every time it is called for.

With Overwrite PSR file cleared, the form is loaded only once and subsequently used directly from the .psr working folder. However, even when this check box is cleared, the software ensures that the custom spec form is updated with the most recent version of the form. If the version of the custom form you are about to open is earlier than the version of the custom form in the database, the software always retrieves the latest version from the database and overwrites the custom spec form in the .psr working folder. Alternatively, in the Specifications module menu bar, clicking Actions > Retrieve Custom Pages as PSR Files loads all the custom forms up front. This enables best performance and, therefore, we recommend that you clear the Overwrite PSR file check box if the forms are not subject to unannounced modification.