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After installing your product's Smart API, you must create an Application Pool using the Internet Information Services Manager.

  1. Open Administrative Tools from the Windows Start menu or Control Panel.

  2. Double-click on Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

  3. In the left-pane, expand the tree to display Application Pools.

    If the message prompt below appears, click No.

  4. Right-click on Application Pools, and from the shortcut menu select Add Application Pool.

  5. In the Add Application Pool dialog box, type a name for your Application Pool and click OK.

  6. Right-click on the Application Pool you just created, and from the shortcut menu select Advanced Settings.

  7. In the Advanced Settings dialog box in the General section, make sure that the settings have been set as follows:

    • Enable 32-Bit Applications = True

    • Queue Length = 10000

    • Start Mode = On Demand

      Click on the value field to change the value.

  8. In the Process Model section, Idle Time-out (minutes) field, type 0.

  9. In the Process Model section, select Identity and then click the ellipses button in the value field.

  10. In the Application Pool Identity dialog box, select Custom Account and click Set.

  11. In the Set Credentials dialog box type in the required information.

    The User Name is the name of the domain you log on to and your domain user name separated by a backward slash. For example: MYDomain\MyUserName. The password is your windows login.

  12. To finish, click OK on each dialog box.