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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation Server Installation and Configuration

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You must set the preferences for the IDEAL user to enable the software to generate reports with IDEAL.

  1. Log on to the Smart Instrumentation application as the IDEAL user.

  2. Click File > Preferences.

  3. In the tree-view pane of the Preferences dialog box, click General.

  4. Beside Temporary folder path, click Browse to navigate to the desired path.

  5. Beside Output document folder, click Browse to specify the folder where you want the software to generate the output files.

    • You must define the output document folder as a shared folder, and the share name must be identical to the folder name.

    • The folder you select specifies the location of all enhanced report output files, not only those generated by IDEAL.

  6. In the tree-view pane, click Smart Instrumentation Server.

  7. From the Enhanced report format list, select the format in which you want to save IDEAL output files for enhanced reports: SMA (for IDEAL) or PDF (for SmartPlant Explorer).

  8. Beside Log file path, click Browse to specify the folder where you want the software to generate the Events.log file.

    We recommend that you specify a log file folder so that you can use the Events.log file to troubleshoot problems that may occur, such as an inability to connect to the database.  The Events.log file can also help customer support in finding solutions to document generation problems.  The file holds information about your Smart Instrumentation Server settings and also contains records of any operation in which Smart Instrumentation Server was involved.  For example, the log file can contain records of all document generations performed by different users of IDEAL.

  9. Specify a PSR folder path for instrument specifications as follows:

  10. In the tree-view pane, beside Instrument Specifications, click to expand the tree.

  11. Click Export/Import.

  12. Under PSR options, beside PSR folder, click Browse to navigate to the desired path.

  13. If you use a CAD application to generate loop drawings in Smart Instrumentation, specify the folder path for the CAD drawings as follows:

  14. In the tree-view pane, beside Loop Drawings, click to expand the tree.

  15. Click CAD File Locations.

  16. Beside Open drawing files from, click Browse to navigate to the desired path.

After performing completing the Smart Instrumentation Server configuration procedure, it is recommended that you restart the computer and log on to Smart Instrumentation by double-clicking the Intools.exe file.