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Allows you to create key fields for each selected item. The key fields or API links are made up of one or more fields used to create a unique identifier for the record. They are used for keeping track of records if you re-imported them from SAP R/3 to Smart Instrumentation.

Item type

Select from the list an item view from those that you defined on the Select Item Types Item Type Selection page. If you selected more than one item for export, you need to specify the key fields for each item.

Fixed length for <item type>

Allows you to set the lengths of the fields for the selected header or footer. Clear the check box to use the entire length of each string.

Separator for <item type>

Enter the characters to be used for separating the components of the key field.

Enclosure for <item type>

Enter the characters to be used at the start and end of the key field.

Title for <item type>

Enter the characters to be used for the key field title.

(Data window)

The data window displays details of the string that makes up the key field.

SHARED Tip If you know in advance how many fields you want to define, select Add or Insert as many times as you need, and then enter the data afterwards.


Displays the sequence of the fields used to create the key field.

Display Name

Displays the names of the fields that are available for using in the key field title. The list includes all the visible fields for the chosen view of the currently selected item, a field with the caption String (for entering free text), and the following additional fields: Domain Name, Project Name, and the names of the available plant hierarchy items.


Allows you to select the property of the title field that you want to use. The available options are sensitive to the selected field title: for String, you can type in free text; for fields that are not drop-downs (for example, Length, Tag Status), the field is read-only; for the remaining fields, you can select Name or ID (selecting ID uses the field's real primary key (for example, cmpnt_id). If you selected one of the user-defined fields, then in this column, you can type Movementflag to export the value of the string for the user- defined flag that determines the status of the data record (Inserted, Deleted, or Updated).


This column allows you to modify the number of characters allowed if you selected the Fixed length for... check box. This option is also sensitive to the selected field type, for example, you may not modify the length of a date or time field.

Total API length

Displays the sum of the key field lengths for all the fields in the current view.


Adds a new row below the current row.


Adds a new row above the current row.


Deletes the currently selected row.